EmailFinder Pricing

Any company can harness the power of EmailFinder

Every plan includes the option to cancel within two weeks and pay only for the data consumed. Change plans or cancel online any time. No strings attached.


$ 49 /month
  • $0.01 per email finder

  • $0.02 per email verification

Most popular


$ 99 /month
  • $0.003 per email finder

  • $0.005 per email verification


$ 399 /month
  • $0.001 per email finder

  • $0.002 per email verification

Frequently asked questions

What's a search?

A search is any ping or query in EmailFinder. Whenever you use EmailFinder to find an email address or look up people at a company, you use one search.

What's a verification?

EmailFinder built its own verification engine using proprietary SMTP server software. Use it to quickly determine the status of a specific email address.

What's a verified batch?

Unlike other email finding tools, we will optionally send a short message to an email address and see if it bounces. This is the only way to truly validate emails on catchall domains.

How well does this work outside of the United States?

Just fine! EmailFinder works worldwide.

Who's behind EmailFinder?

EmailFinder is in the family of apps and technologies built by Live Data Technologies. Also in our portfolio are Name2Domain and Track Job Changes

Can I hook EmailFinder into my other SaaS products?

For sure! We offer API integrations so you can programmatically move your data around to any other services you need to use.

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